Identifying and addressing issues related to immune safety and translation to human health risk

Links to experts in immunosafety, immunosafety literature, immunosafety meetings, and more.


ITC Academic Outreach

Highlighting the importance of Academic collaboration at HESI Academic participants provide a critical perspective in the multi-sector collaborative approach to science by bringing cutting edge…

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The Immuno Safety Resource Website has Launched!

A new resource for information on the field of immunosafety. If you are looking to learn more about  aspects involved in immune safety evaluation…

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Immuno Safety Training Course

Coming soon Important topics relevant to the world of Immuno Safety. Now offered on-demand with 24/7 access with subscription Stay tuned for more information…

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HESI ITC Method Development WG

Novel human cell models in drug development Tuesday, January 11th from 11am-12pm EST Dr. Adrian Roth (Roche) Watch Video Single-cell omics in Immunology Presentation: TBD…

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ImmunoSafety Technical Committee – HESI Sept 2019 HESI/FDA Workshop

In collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the HESI Immuno safety Technical Committee (ITC), co-sponsored an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss the pre-clinical…

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Currently, there is limited information on the field of immunosafety and the importance of immunosafety in evaluating the relative safety of new drugs, therapies, and environmental agents that affect the immune system and determine risk to human health contained in one resource. There are an increasing number of therapies, drugs, environmental agents, and infectious agents (e.g. coronavirus) that affect the immune system either directly or indirectly and these effects are increasingly complex. Since both scientists and the public are increasingly becoming aware of the importance and involvement of the immune system (particularly in drug and vaccine development), this website intends to provide information on the numerous aspects involved in immunosafety evaluation. The intent is to share and disseminate information on immunosafety considerations to the scientific community and also to provide a resource for the public that is keenly interested in the process and the (lengthy) timelines of how therapies and vaccines are made available.