Database Clearing House

The Immuno Safety Resource’s clearinghouse/Database is public resource that contains an organized collection of literature, professional events and list of experts across different disciplines in the Immuno-Safety field.  The goal of this database is to collect and share information related to resources available in the field of Immunosafety evaluation. It is intended as a tool for the academia and scientific community to find information on Immunosafety experts, literature and upcoming meetings, courses or events. The public can contribute to the database by submitting data using the links in each of the 3 different areas. Refer to the HESI - ITC  Database/Clearinghouse submission guideline located on the database submission page, for instructions and admissibility details for new submission to the HESI/ITC database.

Experts in Immunosafety

This database includes a listing individuals who have identified themselves or who have been suggested as experts in the areas of Pre-clinical Safety testing ( Immunology/ (Clin.) Pathology/ ) and or  Pharmaceutical research and development from various sectors.  If you wish to be included in our expert database, you may so by selecting the appropriate link on the page.  The Immunosafety Resource Advisory team will review and approve all submissions.  We highly encourage that users of the database confirmed that the experts identified meet your desired skill requirement.

Immunosafety Literature

You may use this database to search for peer-reviewed published literature to enhance your knowledge on the safety evaluation for agents that modulate the immune system, immunopathologies or toxicities that may emerge, best practices in immune safety science and a host other related topics.

Immunosafety events, meetings, and more

If you are looking to expand your network of scientist in the field or to learn more about other professional societies and meetings for career development, this page contains a list of suggested meeting and events that feature topics related to immune safety.

If you would like to share a meeting or event with this audience, please feel free to submit your suggestion here.  Be sure to include the event title, dates and link.

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